Doctor Who The 12th Doctor's Second Sonic Screwdriver

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Doctor Who The 12th Doctor's Second Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who The 12th Doctor's Second Sonic Screwdriver

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Push pull gestures are ideal for turning devices on, pause – play, selecting or opening and closing a DVD or Blu-ray disc drawer. Note a noisy version of this function is accessed by pressing the button 3 times quickly, while in FX Mode, and holding down the third press. TV: Day of the Moon, Deep Breath) These functions also included electronic locks and security systems. The 12th Doctor's Sonic is truly an iconic and beautiful collector’s piece, and as a genuine, licensed piece made and signed by the prop’s original maker, will no doubt hold and even increase it’s value well into the future.

Many contradictory accounts existed, including one which claimed he had acquired it at some point before meeting Bernice Summerfield, ( AUDIO: Love and War) and another, which claimed he acquired it from himself on a parallel Earth where the species Homo Reptilicus had conquered the Earth and killed his third incarnation.The sonic screwdriver could also create force fields made out of sound waves, capable of deflecting bullets and sonic cannon blasts, ( PROSE: Peacemaker, COMIC: Agent Provocateur) and stasis beams. COMIC: School of the Dead) Combined with multiple others, it could create a beam powerful enough to push back and destroy Daleks. TV: Hell Bent) He continued to use his sonic sunglasses as well, thus giving him two choices of sonic instruments.

The sonic screwdriver was also capable of tickling lions, ( PROSE: The Slitheen Excursion) overloading Cybermen, ( COMIC: The Power of the Cybermen) repel birds ( AUDIO: The Skies of New Earth) and incapacitating a Gizou.This version was burnt out by accident after the Tenth Doctor used it to modify an X-ray output to over 5000%, however, and he replaced it with a similar one with a flatter slider, two yellow wires in the tube instead of the black and red ones, and a greyer handle, ( TV: Smith and Jones) though it reverted to its cream handle during his time with Queen Elizabeth ( TV: The Day of the Doctor) and appeared to have a blue handle following his regeneration.

The authentic flicking action allows the Sonic to be used in exactly the same way the Doctor uses it. The sonic screwdriver was capable of bypassing security measures, such as key locks ( TV: The Runaway Bride) and air-tight seals. Each time a gesture is performed correctly, the Sonic will send the infrared (IR) remote control code that is programmed onto that gesture and will make the standard sonic buzz.The sonic screwdriver could also detect arriving spaceships ( PROSE: The Pictures of Emptiness) and reveal ultraviolet characters. The sonic screwdriver was often used for opening objects such as doors, ( TV: The Sea Devils, The Mutants, The Green Death, etc.

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