Gamewright | Go Nuts for Donuts | Board Game | Ages 8+ | 2-6 Players | 20 Minutes Playing Time

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Gamewright | Go Nuts for Donuts | Board Game | Ages 8+ | 2-6 Players | 20 Minutes Playing Time

Gamewright | Go Nuts for Donuts | Board Game | Ages 8+ | 2-6 Players | 20 Minutes Playing Time

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All of them play a vital role in this easy-to-learn and instantly engaging card game from first-time inventor Zachary Eagle.

If you’re the only player that bid for the donut, than you take it and place it face up in front of you. Action card powers only activate when taken from the donut row, not when the card is taken from the discard pile, drawn from the deck, or taken from another player. Boston Cream — Zero points for first card, five (5) points for second Boston Cream card, zero points for third card, ten (10) points for your fourth Boston Cream card, etc.The guide even separates the donuts by the background colors of the cards so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. Imagine my pain of typing ‘donut’ so many times when I am British and know the proper spelling is ‘doughnut’.

After revealing their choices, any player who was the only person to choose a specific donut collects that card into their score pile. It is not often I recommend playing a game with the maximum number of players, but it really does do this game more justice doing so.In Go Nuts for Donuts, players lay out donuts from the deck equal to the amount of players plus one.

If only one player chose the card number, then they are able to take it from the donut row and place it face up in front of them. If only one player chooses a card, that player takes the card from the donut row and places it in front of herself. Some are worth points only if you have a certain number of them, or if you have the majority of that type.The meanest option, I think, is to foist the card that docks seven points at the end of the game upon someone else. This amount includes seller specified domestic postage charges as well as applicable international postage, dispatch, and other fees. If you're running a script or application, please register or sign in with your developer credentials here. The cards with the numbers on will be given to each player, one of each number up to the player count, plus 1 also. The power does not activate when you get the card from another player, draw from the deck, or take from the discard pile.

Maple Frosted – Scores 5 points at the end of the game as long as you have the fewest number of cards. It reminds me of Sushi Go, but is different enough that players can own both without there being any overlap in gameplay. The short play time makes it easy to bring to the table during a night of longer games quite easily. When all the selection cards have been played, and everyone has gotten a donut, or not, then everyone takes back their selection card. The remaining Donut cards are faced down in a deck and everyone begins with the same amount of Number Cards as there are columns in the game.

I love how every different donut type has their own different faces drawn on to them, it really brings the extra personality touches that help you engage with the game. For a four player game, the teal, pink and purple background cards are used while the blue cards are only used with 5 players or more. The more players you have, the larger the range of donuts you will have access to in Go Nuts for Donuts. That means that if you predominately play with smaller groups, those other cutie donuts will never see the light of day. In this game, you’re selecting cards as well, except that you’re not always guaranteed a card each round.

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